Environmental Awareness & Sustainable Approach


As a Certified Biophilic Designer, I help you design your space to be in harmony with nature adding touches of Feng Shui including Wabi Sabi & Japandi styles 🌿🌴 🌴

Biophilic design emphasizes human adaptations to the natural world that over evolutionary time have proven instrumental in advancing people’s health, fitness, and wellbeing. Exposures to nature irrelevant to human productivity and survival exert little impact on human wellbeing and are not effective instances of biophilic design

🌳Biophilic design depends on repeated and sustained engagement with nature. An occasional, transient, or isolated experience of nature exerts only superficial and fleeting effects on people, and can even, at times, be at variance with fostering beneficial outcomes.

🌵Biophilic design requires reinforcing and integrating design interventions that connect with the overall setting or space. The optimal functioning of all organisms depends on immersion within habitats where the various elements comprise a complementary, reinforcing, and interconnected whole. Exposures to nature within a disconnected space – such as an isolated plant or an out of context picture or a natural material at variance with other dominant spatial features – is NOT effective biophilic design.

🪴Biophilic design fosters emotional feelings in settings and places. By satisfying our inherent inclination to affiliate with nature, biophilic design engenders an emotional feeling to particular spaces and places. These emotional feelings motivate people’s performance and productivity, and prompt us to identify with and sustain the places we inhabit.

🎋Biophilic design fosters positive and sustained interactions and relationships among people and the natural environment. Humans are a deeply social species whose security and productivity depends on positive interactions within a spatial context. Effective biophilic design fosters connections between people and their environment, enhancing feelings of relationship, and a sense of membership in a meaningful community.

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  • Better physical and mental health
  • Overall boost in creativity and productivity
  • Restorative environment that inspires you every day
  • Deeper sense of belonging
  • Soothes and makes your sacred space feel calmer

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